Process & Technical advice for exploration approvals

Veev Group are pleased to announce they have been engaged by a prominent West Australian mining organisation to provide process and technical advice across the entire application of exploration approvals. This includes coordination and obtaining approvals for Environment, Water, Heritage, State Agreement, Mining Act, and Tenure.

The Scope

Veev have been engaged to provide support in reviewing, mapping and recommending improvements to processes, people, technology & governance. This includes but is not limited to developing improved governance activities, vendor management, change plans, process maps, recommendations, technical requirements, market analysis and technology advice and selection

The objective of the engagement Is to identify improvement opportunities over the short and longer term, and to provide a road map for ongoing process improvement and enhancement/replacement of technology.

Our Approach

Our Approach focuses on:

· Capturing issues and future requirements from relevant stakeholder groups.
· Documenting supporting processes and sub-processes.
· Identifying supporting technology and underlining architecture.
· Documenting functional system scenarios.
· Documenting the RACI (responsible, accountable, consulted, and informed) and SIPOC (suppliers, inputs, process, outputs, and customers) existing approval compliance system; and
· Providing recommendations for follow on actions for People, Process, Technology and Governance.

The Outcomes

The outcome of the engagement will provide the organisation with the required documentation to address risk in the areas of people, process, technology and governance, positioning them to improve through closing critical gaps.