Technical / IT Advisory

Elevate Your Technology Strategy with Veev

In this dynamic era, seizing the moment to enhance your business model through technology empowerment, strategically appraising your past corporate milestones, and forging a path for future accomplishments has never been more essential.

At Veev, we believe that it is always a good time to undertake a comprehensive audit of your business model, placing a keen focus on integrating cutting-edge technology. Our aim is to serve as your compass, ensuring that your organisation not only navigates change but thrives because of it.

Curious about our impact? Ask us to share how we’ve assisted others in constructing their technology solutions, achieving enhanced value, and cultivating a more enriching work environment. Our success stories speak volumes about the transformative journey we embark upon with our clients.

Let us be your partners in redefining your business technology journey; your success is our purpose.

Our Capabilities

Technical Disaster Recovery

Veev Group supports our clients in preparing for and undertaking an organisation wide approach to crisis management and focuses on the ability to understand and enact a comprehensive Technical Disaster Recovery process.

Selecting New Technology

We know that over time, most technology fails to fulfill its purpose as newer solutions become available and supersede existing ones.

Digital Transformation

When people hear ‘Digital Transformation’ most people think expense and a whole lot of disruption managing ‘cloud transitions’, ‘digital integration’ and frequent abbreviations.

Information Management Roadmap Technology

Our approach seeks to deliver real value by adopting practical, business outcomes-focused, delivery of Management services.

ICT Advisory and Strategy

Our approach to strategy formulation is based on our leading methodology which has been refined over a number of similar programs.

Cyber Security

Veev Group Specialise in organisation compliance to the ISO/IEC27001 security standard and alignment with the Australian Cyber Security Centre’s ‘Essential Eight’.

Enterprise Resource Planner (ERP) Review

An Enterprise Resource Planner (or ERP) is an integrated suite of ICT Systems that share a common process and data model, supporting end-to-end business workflows.

Technical / IT Advisory case studies

Helping you outline your organisation’s direction and business model for corporate growth, focusing on technological advancements that will provide long term improvements.

Breast Cancer Care WA – Information Management

Breast Cancer Care WA – Information Management

City of Stirling – Mobility Strategy

City of Stirling – Mobility Strategy

Keystart – System Selection Case Study

Keystart – System Selection Case Study