Program Delivery & Change

Let Veev support your critical technology change

A key source of competitive advantage is the ability of an organisation to deliver programs and projects effectively. 

We’ve been recognised at both the national and international level for our success in initiating and executing the most complex and difficult programs and projects with our clients. This support can include Part or Full time Program Management, Project Management and Change.

Through previous experiences we have identified the importance of using a holistic change approach which includes understanding and assessing a number of components including; processes, organisational structures, roles and responsibilities, culture, incentives, supporting tools (procedures & work instructions) and process ownership.

The benefit of engaging with Veev is that our approach is scalable to the size and needs of your organisation. We ensure that only critical assets are supported rather than a “one size fits” all approach, which is often costly and ineffective. Our methodology also provides a roadmap for continual improvement that allows your organisation to test and improve the business continuity solution.

Our Capabilities

Workforce Planning

Workforce planning is a process of identifying the capacity and capability of your organisation – how it is going to meet its expectations both now and into the future?

Behavioural Change Management (BCM)

The Veev Groups’ approach to BCM is derived from strong academic foundations teamed with many years of practical experience leading change programs and activities.

Project Management Office Review / Implementation

Veev Group’s approach to implementing and operating a Project Management Office is built on a comprehensive eight stage methodology.

Project Management

Our approach to Project Management focuses on using the acknowledged standards within project management (PMBOK and Prince 2), and applying our expertise in understanding what each client needs, and tailoring our approach accordingly.