Our key competencies

Visionary and inspired strategic planning will define your organisation’s direction and business model for corporate growth: who is helping you achieve this level of success?

Now may be the time to audit your business model and strategically review your corporate achievements to date and objectives for the future.

The Veev Group team are well qualified, experienced commercial strategists, who have developed a proven decision making methodology to help you allocate the right resources at the right time to the right venture.

Our approach focuses on:

  • Supporting you in determining (or evaluating) your corporate vision, mission, objectives, strategies and tactics.
  • Driving your organisation’s long term planning for success via sustainable commercial and competitive advantage.

Ask us to explain how we have helped others build their business, achieve greater value and enjoy an improved working experience.

A key source of competitive advantage is the ability of an organisation to deliver program and projects effectively. Once your organisation’s strategic objectives have been defined, strong executive sponsorship, significant investment and a strong delivery team is required to deliver your change programs and projects to ensure their success.

Veev Group has extensive experience in the definition, initiation and delivery of projects and programs. We are recognised at both the national and international level for our success in initiating and executing the most complex and difficult programs and projects with our clients.

Veev Group follows a pragmatic approach to delivery and adapts methodologies to suit your organisation’s specific needs and culture, while ensuring we follow best practice. Veev Group takes a proactive approach to developing in-house delivery capability and expertise ensuring a smooth handover to our client’s resources when required.

Business processes are the foundation of any organisation. Due to the critical importance of having efficient and effective processes every organisation should have a systematic approach to monitor and improve its business processes.

Veev Group’s approach to help you understand, assess, update and improve your business processes is based on global leading methodologies. Our methodologies have been refined and used successfully in a range of operational situations and consulting engagements.

Our experiences and expertise in successfully delivering business process improvement has identified the importance of using a holistic change approach which includes understanding and assessing a number of components including; Processes, organisational structures, roles and responsibilities, culture, incentives, supporting tools (procedures & work instructions) and process ownership.

Veev Group work with your internal resources as a combined team to ensure we transfer and embed our knowledge in your organisation; allowing your business to develop internal teams and continuously improve processes without the need for external support.

It has never been more important to ensure your critical business assets are secure and recoverable should the worst case occur. Business continuity is paramount to ensure that your reputation is maintained through high availability of critical business assets, staff and IT systems.

Veev Group’s comprehensive approach to business continuity and crisis management puts the business first and provides a links between the business requirements for continual operations and the steps required to provide continuity, contingency and recoverability.

The Veev Group approach is scalable to the size and needs of the organisation, we ensure that only critical assets are supported rather than a “one size fits” all approach which is often costly and ineffective. Our methodology also provides a roadmap for continual improvement that allows your organisation to test and improve the business continuity solution.