We’ve been accepted onto the State Government’s CUA

Veev are excited to announce that we have been accepted onto the State Government's CUA (Common Use Arrangement) panel after 10 years of engagement.

Awarded panel members of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) services, Veev have been endorsed in:

Category 1 ICT Planning, Consultancy and Advisory Services

Deliverables or outcomes under this category can include components such as plans, reports, transition, workshops, ICT policy advice or feasibility studies.

Areas in which it covers relate to:

  • The planning and development of strategic business goals
  • Research and analysis into best practices, reporting on industry trends, and offering strategic advice based on inquiry findings
  • Design and development of strategies to manage risks (including business change management and disaster recovery planning)
  • Assistance in relation to procurement, transition, integration and delivery of services
  • Project and portfolio governance advice (such as efficiency assessments)
  • Planning and advice for day-to-day moves and changes

Category 2 ICT Implementation Services

This category caters for ICT related applications including corporate applications, in-house business applications and web-based, e-business, or digital application systems. This may include development of new applications, software, websites, programs, system manuals or reports.

This category covers services such as establishment, implementation, integration, management, testing and maintenance.

  • The analysis and development of applications and software
  • An implementation program, such as training, as part of the implementation
  • The development of system manuals or guides
  • Tools and content management
  • Enhancements
  • Usage and monitoring reporting
  • Application testing
  • Service desk services

The agreement is for an initial period of four years and we look forward to working with both state and local government departments under this arrangement.