Mobility Strategy

Veev can help if you have a large mobile workforce, providing a clear direction and plan to operate more efficiently and effectively utilising the latest mobile technology and systems. We have helped clients managing over 10,000 staff by allowing them to deliver services more cost-effectively, and as an end result, successively improving their level of customer service.

If you feel you are lacking clear direction for mobility and your strategy is out of date or superseded due to growth or reduction to your business, its time to let us take a look. We can help you avoid pitfalls including instances where hardware and software has been purchased ad hoc as needed, rather than factored in an overall plan, resulting in additional costs down the track or limitations in where you can take your business.

Veev take a 4-stage approach to develop your mobility strategy:

Stage 1: Project Initiation & Scope Definition

Stage 2: Requirements Gathering

Stage 3: Market Assessment & Procurement Process

Stage 4: Strategy & Business Case Development

The aim of a mobility strategy, amongst other things, is to provide a 4-year plan and strategic roadmap to implement mobile technology and conduct a high-financial and cost benefit analysis. It should also prioritise the implementation of the technology solutions in terms of ROI, business need, risk, urgency, cost and implementation period.

Ultimately, the mobility strategy should support the organisation in the achievement of the strategic vision and corporate business plans. Veev can help you achieve all this and more, enabling staff to further improve the level of customer service they can provide, provide a greater flexibility to your workforce, and make your business more competitive and profitable.