Breast Cancer Care WA – Information Management

The implementation of a new application for a business is an exciting time. The challenges of vendor selection, management and assessment are a distant memory; change is in the air accompanied with anticipation and excitement of an easier road ahead.

In May 2017 Veev Group supported Breast Cancer Care Western Australia (BCCWA), Melanoma Western Australia (MWA) and Solaris (collectively known as the Cancer Wellness Centre) to obtain a Lottery West Government Grant to acquire new information technology, set to transform the way each group conducted business.

Veev Group assisted the Cancer Wellness Centre in selecting an appropriate application and vendor for implementation.  The application selected was Salesforce, with an independent developer selected to implement and deploy three separate builds for each business entity.    

During July 2019, the Cancer Wellness Centre engaged Veev Group to undertake a process mapping exercise to capture how each business performed current operations to determine future business requirements.  

The Approach

Given that all three businesses shared commonality in functions performed, we collectively identified what was common then ranked by priority.  This established what processes would be mapped for each business group.  Workshops were arranged with each team identifying key stakeholders for interview.  

Example of findings – Booking Process

After mapping the Booking Process, it became clear that this relatively simple process was not as simple as initially perceived.  

We found that booking a client was a single process made up of 7 sub processes, engaged 7 roles within the organization, accessed 7 systems and involved updating 16 individual documents. So, how does this help improve the business? I’m glad you asked!

  • Capturing the current state process allowed the business to:
  • identify duplication
  • reshuffle the order of proceedings
  • roles receiving information that went nowhere 
  • absent activities
  • reliance on outlook to initiate workflow 
  • data fields in supporting documentation, time allocated to update supporting documents
  • system dependency and therefore risks to operations.  

It highlighted issues and framed the critical thinking required to create an improved future state.  Participants shared a collective understanding of their current pain points and were better equipped and prepared to detail their future requirements to developers.  There were also many “Ahhhh; so that’s what you do” moments.  

“The process mapping provided a really useful insight into our current processes and methodologies.  It wasn’t arduous in any way and clearly highlighted areas that worked well but also identified areas that needed review, streamlining and refinement.  In summary, it showed us how we can work more efficiently, cohesively and productively with or without new systems.” Treslyn Hansen, Director: Solaris 

Process Mapping solves problems

Process Mapping is one of the many business improvement tools that Veev Group has within its suite to add value to your business.  Our aim at Veev is to produce output, which is shared, not shelved.  So, if you are considering the selection and implementation of new applications or simply seek to better understand the complexity of your daily operations; consider Veev Group, we can help.

“Process mapping is the last thing you think about doing when you commence a new role.  Ironically, it should be the first thing you do.” – Tricia Neary Operations Manager BCCWA