Technical Disaster Recovery

Veev Group supports our clients in preparing for and undertaking an organisation wide approach to crisis management and focuses on the ability to understand and enact a comprehensive Technical Disaster Recovery process.

Preparing and planning for a disaster or a loss of key business service or system is critical to your business continuity. In addition to supporting you in a crisis, a well-planned and documented disaster recovery strategy and plan can also provide critical information to day to day technical operations and help guide good decision making.

Our Approach to the planning for documenting a DR approach includes:

Business Impact Assessment (BIA) documenting:

  • Key processes and assets (people, business systems and facilities)
  • Maximum acceptable outages and recovery objectives 
  • Assessment of business requirements to recover 

Technology Risk:

  • Assessment of Current Controls
  • Assessment of Threat Controls
  • Infrastructure Mapping Matrix 
  • Documentation of Likelihood and Risk

The outcome provides an assessment of current recovery capability and assessment and gap analysis of current capability vs business expectations.

On completion of the first stage, Veev Group can then support your organisation in documenting a DR Strategy and DR Plan which includes technical recovery options, training, testing and continual improvement.

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