Project Management Office Review / Implementation

Veev Group’s approach to implementing and operating a Project Management Office is built on a comprehensive eight stage methodology.
  • Stage 1: Strategic Planning – Defining the Project Management Office purpose/ scope and current workload, working with organisation to define key goals.
  • Stage 2: Detailed Planning – Identify key resources and structure, develop the end goal.
  • Stage 3: Define Methodology – Clearly define and document the Project Management approach so everyone understands the path forward.
  • Stage 4: Project Management Tools – Define and attain Project Management tools required to deliver project. 
  • Stage 5: Pilot – Test Project Management Office (and provide feedback of lessons learnt).
  • Stage 6: Training – Train staff and contractors, provide materials for ongoing training to remove the need for ongoing external support.
  • Stage 7: Implementation – Implement the full Project Management Office. 
  • Stage 8: Management – Operate and manage the Project Management Office.