Process Improvement

Veev Group supports organisations in improving their processes, so you can be faster, more agile and provide greater outcomes to your client.

Every business, regardless of its nature, often finds itself entangled in processes that not only seem administratively cumbersome but also devour a significant amount of time. Our unique methodology revolves around an in-depth exploration aimed at uncovering the fundamental causes underlying these issues. We particularly delve into areas such as identifying the origins of problems, instances of duplicated processes and data, and the intricate sequencing of events. Through this meticulous analysis, our objective is to orchestrate a reduction in various forms of wastage, spanning from unnecessary repetitive work to excessive employee involvement and even disorganised procedures lacking systemic structure.

Our approach stands as a testament to the expertise of our personnel, who are not only well-versed but also certified in the art of lean six sigma methodologies. This comprehensive methodology entails a series of stages, each tailored to streamline your business processes and enhance efficiency:

Stage 1: Current State Capture
In this initial phase, we meticulously document and understand your existing processes, comprehending the ‘as is’ state to identify areas of concern.

Stage 2: Issue Identification
Through close collaboration with your staff, we gain invaluable insights into the challenges they face on a daily basis. This qualitative understanding enables us to pinpoint the pain points accurately.

Stage 3: Duplication and Bottleneck Analysis
Here, we put our magnifying glass on the processes to unearth any instances of redundancy or duplicated data. Furthermore, we discern bottlenecks that might be impeding the flow of operations.

Stage 4: Process Reengineering and Stakeholder Consultation
With a comprehensive understanding of the issues at hand, we embark on process reengineering. Our specialists craft detailed process maps that visualise the optimised workflow. Moreover, we engage with relevant stakeholders to ensure that the proposed changes align with the broader organisational goals.

Stage 5: Change Management and Implementation
A pivotal aspect of any process transformation is the human element. We meticulously develop a change management strategy to guide your organisation through the transition. This involves preparing your team for the new processes and providing support throughout the implementation phase.

We believe that the success of an organisation lies in its ability to adapt and optimise its operations. Therefore, we invite you to initiate a conversation with us today. Let us collaborate to drive the evolution and enhancement of your business processes, ensuring a future that is characterised by efficiency, reduced waste, and a harmonious workflow.